Nowadays, study abroad is recent trend in society. There are many reasons make the parents chose the schools in the developed countries for their children but I think the primary reason is the qualification of our education is not really good although The Ministry of Education and Training had some methods to improve the qualification of education but it seems not really effective like we expected. In this essay, I just want to mention what our students have when they study abroad.
Firstly, if the students want to get into the school of developed countries, they must meet admission criteria which have IELTS or TOEFT IBT to help them communicate with each other. However, language barrier is an inevitable although they got English certificate are accepted worldwide. They also have great difficulty acclimating to a new environment. Financial burden is always the thing that students care because the cost of living in these countries is very expensive. Almost of them must work some part-time jobs to pay for the cost of living. Homesick, the different cultures, the lack of affection, the pressure of study and financial burden are the things that the exchange students must spend when they study abroad.
These ideas don't mean studying abroad isn't useful. The reason that the schools at developed countries is the first choice of students on the world isn't easy to have this. The exchange students will learn a lot of things when they expose to the developed cultures like opening the door to the other door. They can broad the horizon and home-schooling more than. The education in here encourage independence and allow students to have an access a well-rounded education.
Basically, there are someone think that study abroad help them to enhance employment opportunities nevertheless I agree with them up to a point. We can't deny that they are students get the promotion in job quickly when they get back because they have capacity and use the knowledge which they had learned in fact correctly. However, there are some students don't have anything special although they got a good education at developed countries expert the capacity of using English. At the same time, the students exposed the education in our country but they are very successful in job and their English like the exchange students. In these days, Internet is the open-university for everyone, you can look up anything, any material you need. So I think environment of studying is created by ourselves.
Before you chose any school in other country, let's answer the questions 'do you really need to study abroad?'. In summary, with some ideas, do you think we should or shouldn't study abroad?

Abroad Education

Going abroad for further studies has always been regarded as an enriching and challenging experience. Along with a rewarding career and better future, students also get to experience new cultures, customs and ideas that mould their personalities as a whole. Overseas education offers entry into many good foreign universities. In addition to vital academic benefits, students are also able to improve their foreign language when they make a choice to study abroad.

The first step towards education abroad is to get acquainted with the different standardized exams across the globe to get admitted into a preferred course/ university abroad.

With the large number and variety of Colleges/ Universities abroad, students are sure to find one that matches their needs and interests. No matter what the field of interest, by qualifying for the right standardized exams the students can get into the course/institution of their choice.

Depending upon the level and course of study, students need to take a few tests to get into the academic programs abroad.

Listed below are the most important international entrance examinations for the students seeking admission in offshore courses:

  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) :

    GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test , primarily intended to aid the graduate schools of business for assessing the candidates' capabilities & aptitude for management studies. The test is a part of the admission process for most of the MBA programs in the US , Canada and rest of the world.

    • Test Pattern:

    The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) exam is a computer-adaptive test. The GMAT examination consists of three main parts. They are:

    • Analytical Writing Assessment.
    • Quantitative section.
    • Verbal section

    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) :

      Test of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL) measures the aptitude of non-native speakers of English to analyse and comprehend English as it is spoken, written and heard in colleges and universities of America. A large number of students, who want to study abroad, take the TOEFL test each year. TOEFL is a prerequisite for admission in the colleges and universities in the United States.
      TOEFL is administered by Educational Testing Services across the world. Some of the institutes located outside the United States also accept TOEFL score as a measurement of English Proficiency of a candidate.

      • TOEFL is conducted in various formats:
      • Internet Based Testing (IBT).
      • Computer Based Testing (CBT).
      • Paper Based Testing (PBT).

    • Graduate Record Examinations (GRE):

      The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardized examination conducted by the ETS (Educational Testing Services), United States of America. GRE measures the potential of a candidate which almost all the graduate schools and universities abroad demand for the purpose of admission in different streams like Graduate studies, Fellowships Programs and Research Programs etc. ETS representative in India is responsible for conducting the examinations.

      • Eligibility Criteria:

      The eligibility criteria is that the candidate should have a valid passport of any country and should have completed at least high school or any other equivalent course so that the candidate is aware of the basic knowledge which is required for appearing for the GRE exam.
      The prospective graduate applicants takes the GRE General test and GRE subject test.
      Some GRE Subject Tests indicate sub scores that indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the student and may be useful for guidance and placement purposes.
      The GRE test scores are valid for five years and most universities accept scores up to five years also but it is strongly recommended to keep the latest scores.

    • Test Pattern:

    GRE is administered worldwide in two separate tests by Educational Testing Services, United States.

    • GRE General Tests:

    The GRE General Test measures skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study. Areas it measures are :

    • Critical Thinking
    • Analytical Writing
    • Verbal Reasoning and
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • GRE Subject Tests:

      The GRE Subject Tests measure the skills & aptitudes of the student in the core subject that he/she has selected. Study abroad, do you think should or shouldn't?

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